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Mobile marketing is a strategy for marketing to an audience on their mobile devices, using mobile friendly technologies including responsive websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

Mobile Marketing for Creative Artists - Overview

Creative Artists, among all small businesses, especially understand the personal connections between supplier/artist and consumer/fan. Different Artists have their own way of acquiring new Fans, nurturing them into SuperFans, and turning them into buying Fans that support your art.

Because of these variations in tools used by Artists, and because different tools are best used for Fans in different journeys as they become buying Fans, these marketing platforms cannot be "one size fits all". Mobile Marketing Platforms may have similar foundational components; however their implementation varies across different Artists with unique Fan relationships.

The Adva Mobile Platform helps Artists reach and engage Fans in many ways, including:

  • Text Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Responsive Landing Pages & Web Apps
  • Fan Engagement
  • Fan database, Fan Scoring, Fan Filters and Fan Targeting
  • M-Commerce Platform

Regardless of genre, Mobile Marketing helps Artists acquire, engage and sell to Fans at scale.

More of a visual learner? No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a quick 90-second overview of mobile marketing and how it can help you acquire and engage fans.


What Challenges can Mobile Marketing Solve for the Artist?

Challenge #1

The more you perform, the larger your Fan base grows. However, you don't know who these new Fans are, or how to reach them.

Tools and technologies available in the mobile ecosystem are vastly superior to social media or merch table sign up sheets for acquiring contact details of new Fans. At shows, or on social media, Fans are prompted to text to your own personal mobile number, or enter their phone number in a web form, to enter contests, vote on surveys, download content or join your Web App.

By doing so, Fans are opted in to your Fan Database and give you permission to text and email them with notifications. Our experience is that about 1/3 of your audience will want to sign up for text notifications.

Challenge #2

Your Fan base is growing, however it's indistinguishable. You don't know which Fans are buying from you and which Fans are casual.

Fans that text in to join you on mobile are opted in to your Fan database according to very strict rules for subsequently marketing to them, so you can be confident your marketing campaigns are compliant with these strict rules. Fans associated with their mobile number can be precisely scored based upon their engagement with you on their mobile devices, providing an accurate assessment of which Fans are active, and which features of your web app (events, store, news, etc.) are most popular with your Fans. Targeting your most engaged Fans will result in more sales, and Fans targeted by location are more likely to know about and attend your events.

Challenge #3

Your SuperFans deserve something special - and they'll pay for it! However, you don't know how to filter and target these SuperFans with an exclusive offer.

Every Artist knows that the key to sustaining an Artistic career is identifying and nurturing their SuperFans. A Mobile Marketing platform must provide these Fans with a simple way to BUY from you. And, you need to be able to identify and target these SuperFans with exclusive products - and they will buy. The Adva Mobile Platform is designed to facilitate these transactions.

How does Mobile Marketing Actually Work?

A Mobile Marketing Platform such as the Adva Mobile Platform provides integrated tools to help Artists do one or more of the following:

Acquire and identify new Fans

Use text and email to build your database of Fans, learn about them, and capture relevant activities from each Fan to help you filter and target these Fans for individual communications. Fans that text in to you through your own personal text phone number opt in to share their information with you and receive notifications from you. These Fans are your "leads" and you can nurture them into paying Fans.

Target Fans for Campaigns based upon known preferences

Create text, email and social media campaigns that respond to their preferences. Proactively engage Fans with mobile contests, content, surveys and announcements and analyze their response. Use Fan location data to improve attendance at your events.

Build a Fan Profile - For EVERY Fan

Learn about your Fans as they engage you on web apps and landing pages. Your Fan database is more than just an email list. Each Fan record captures their contact information, demographics, social profiles, and engagement activities on your web app. These marketing tools help you analyze, segment, and target your Fans.

Your own Web app and landing pages

The Mobile Marketing Platform from Adva Mobile is unique in that it aligns landing pages and a web app with marketing activities. While some campaigns will drive Fans to your web site, store, or social media, other campaigns can drive Fans to landing pages for event details and tickets, new content you have created, news, contests, surveys and other engagement activities that nurture Fans and lead them to make purchases.

These landing pages augment your website and are responsive - displaying correctly on all devices - phone, tablet, and desktop.

Sell to Fans that want to buy from you

Mobile marketing can make your sales efforts more efficient. Through text and email notifications, Fans can be directed to your storefront landing page on your web app, to your store on your website, or to any external store where Fans can buy from you including Amazon, Google Play, Etsy, Apple Store, etc.

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Why should you work with a Mobile Marketing Platform?

Artists should use a mobile marketing platform to coordinate and streamline their efforts to identify Fans and nurture them on their journey to becoming buying SuperFans. Mobile marketing is important for other reasons as well.

Using mobile marketing, Artists can:

  • Get a 360-degree view of individual Fans, understanding which Fans are actively engaged with you, which activities are most popular with Fans, and how Fans respond to notifications and news from you.
  • Easily identify your most engaged SuperFans and target them for exclusive offers.
  • Over 96% of Texts you send are opened and viewed within 3 minutes, easily the most effective notification tool you can use.
  • Nurture Fans with drip campaigns combining text, email, and social media to engage Fans on a device that's with them 24 x 7 - their mobile phones. Turn these casual Fans into SuperFans over time - never miss an opportunity.
  • Deliver personalized Fan experiences based upon your knowledge of their unique profiles.
  • Target your Fans precisely for each notification.
  • Make data-driven decisions about new Fan engagement activities to nurture Fans.
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How to use Mobile Marketing to Acquire new Fans

Mobile Marketing provides the most effective tools for building your database of Fans and reaching them. Fans that text in provide their mobile number and explicit permission to contact them via text. Texts sent to Fans have a 96% open rate within 3 minutes, much more efficient than email or social media posts. Other mobile-centric technologies including email, social networks, mobile friendly web apps and landing pages are all important components of an overall Fan growth strategy.

Acquiring new Fans and growing your database, however, is just the first step towards a comprehensive mobile marketing program to turn casual Fans into buying SuperFans. You need to nurture these Fans and communicate with them, and Mobile Marketing provides excellent tools for these activities.

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How to use Mobile Marketing to engage your Fans

The mobile ecosystem and capabilities of today's mobile phones provide excellent tools to nurture Fans from casual "leads" to buying SuperFans. Notification, including text, email, and messaging, is excellent. Mobile devices promote interaction that can enable contests, surveys, music, video and image streaming, exclusive content, downloads, ticket purchases, links to other web resources, and other mobile-centric activities. Mobile web apps such as those provided on the Adva Mobile Platform are dynamic and can be easily and automatically modified to support a campaign. For example, when a Contest is running, the Web App can automatically notify visitors to enter the Contest.

Fan activities on their mobile phones allow you to measure all these activities and associate them uniquely to each Fan, scoring Fans, providing you with insights into which nurturing activities are most receptive with your Fans, and which Fans are most engaged and moving from casual Fan to buying Fan.

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How to use Mobile Marketing to sell to your Fans

The future of mobile commerce is blindingly bright. By 2021, mobile is predicted to dominate online sales, driving 54% in sales. Having your own mobile storefront is increasingly important, since mobile technology can identify which Fans are making purchases - a key data point not provided to Artists by mega storefronts including Amazon, Apple and Google.

The Adva Mobile Platform provides Artists alternatives that make purchases by your Fans easy for you and the Fan:

  • Your own Web App / Mobile Store Landing Page
  • Fans can purchase directly from your Web app, or you can link them to your mobile storefront.
  • Texts to Fans can drive them directly to you web app store, your own storefront, or any other external stores carrying your products
  • Fans purchasing from your web app storefront are identified and scored, providing you with unique insight in your buying Fans.
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How to get started with the Adva Mobile Marketing Platform

Mobile Marketing is vital to any Artist choosing their Art as their career. It's not a daunting task. There are many goals that further your career that can be achieved using mobile marketing platforms.

1. Set a goal for your mobile marketing efforts:

  • a. Fan Growth
  • b. Growth of Fans with a specific engagement score-conversion to SuperFans
  • c. Revenue Growth
  • d. Event attendance improvement

2. Determine which tools you'll use to achieve your growth:

  • a. Incoming Text Marketing (Fans Text in to your own personal text phone number )
  • b. Outgoing Text Marketing (notifications to your Fans with links)
  • c. Landing Pages and Widgets to acquire Fan mobile numbers
  • d. Email Marketing
  • e. Engagement activities like new content, contests, surveys
  • f. Web App and landing page engagement
  • g. Social Media

3. Create a campaign to reach your goals

  • a. Schedule activities on your mobile marketing platform to regularly acquire, engage and nurture your Fans
  • b. Measure your key performance indicators
  • c. Modify your campaign throughout its life as you learn more about your Fans and their preferences
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Why use Adva Mobile?

Adva Mobile helps creative Artists find and nurture Fans, engaging them with new mobile-centric marketing tools that turn casual Fans into buying SuperFans. Compared to other mobile marketing platforms, here's why we're different:

  1. Only Adva Mobile provides the environment to capture individual Fans engagement activities across your own web app / landing pages and score them for subsequent targeting.
  2. Few mobile marketing platforms incorporate multiple tools that provide a seamless, integrated approach to marketing campaigns. Usually, it's a text provider, an email provider, a website provider, a storefront provider, etc, with separate metrics, reports, and user interfaces to learn.
  3. Few mobile marketing platforms integrate marketing activities with your sales activities by incorporating sales data and engagement data to a unique Fan's profile.
  4. Campaigns can be easily created, multiple campaigns can occur at the same time and targeted to different Fan segments. Campaigns can have many different interrelated components, all managed under a single service.

To learn more, sign up for one month FREE and explore our Platform, or get in touch with us at: admin@advamobile.com or 877-752-5116 to set up a guided tour of our service.

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