Know who your fans are and use big data algorithms to segment and target your fans.

Know Your Fans

Only Adva Mobile identifies precisely who your SuperFans are, and provides detailed contact info and insights into how they engage with you on mobile devices.

  • Fans that Engage with you are automatically Scored.
  • Segment Fans by Score to offer Special Incentives to Fans that will BUY.
  • Collect Fan Details over time: email, age, location, social profiles, etc.
Build your fan database with text marketing and email marketing through one unified platform.

Acquire Your Fans

Your Fans are empowered and control their own discovery process. Put yourself in their path.

  • Adva Mobile gives you a personal phone number that Fans Text in to join your mobile database. Fans text anything to opt in.
  • Fans are automatically opted in, compliant with all the rules protecting Privacy and Text & Email Marketing best practices.
  • Fans that text in are captured and Scored based upon their engagement on your own personal Web App.
Engage your Fans on their Mobile phones and discover who your true fans are.

Engage Your Fans

With Adva Mobile, you can nurture your Fans by sending relevant and engaging text messages and email messages using our simple CRM platform.

  • Send Text and Email blasts to Fans with news, show dates, new Art – Anything to excite your Fans.
  • Run Surveys, Contests, Coupons, and other campaigns to engage you Fans.
  • Use Exclusive Content to capture email addresses and Fan demographics.
Sell to your Fans on mobile phones with your own Mobile Storefront.

Sell to Your Fans

Sales and marketing are very close in most organizations, especially so in the creative arts where the talent comprises a single individual or small team.

  • Adva Mobile provides your own mobile Storefront to Sell your Art.
  • Also link to other online Stores (iTunes, Amazon, Etsy, etc) to maximize your selling opportunities.
  • Correlate sales to your Superfans with targeted marketing campaigns using Engagement Scores.