Artist and Customers

  • What is Adva Mobile??
    Adva Mobile is a marketing services and technology company dedicated to helping Touring Bands, Recording Artists, Labels, and music industry professionals reach and market to their fans on mobile phones. You come to Adva Mobile to take advantage of unprecedented new opportunities available through the developing mobile infrastructure to attract fans, engage them in deeply personal ways, and use mobile to drive new revenue opportunities. Our cloud based, Software as a Service platform offers everything mobile has to offer, through a simple CRM service that manages fans, mobile assets, campaigns, and analytics.
  • What is a Mobile Web Site?
    A mobile Web Site is a new way for you to reach your fans and connect with them in a relevant and personal way. In addition to your fans trying to find you on the web through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, your own Desktop site, etc. you can reach out to them directly by sending them to a mobile optimized web site with content, tour dates, your mobile storefront, and useful information.
  • How Does Adva Mobile Provide Apps to Artists?
    For Artists that select iPhone and Android Apps, we provide “Hybrid/Web Apps”. These are Apps in the truest sense of the word – fans download these Apps from the Apple iTunes store or Android Marketplace, and they perform as well as “native” Apps. The difference between our Web/Hybrid Apps and native Apps is that the App is an HTML5 web site wrapped in an App wrapper. The advantage of this design is that fans have the same experience on your Mobile Web Site, iPhone App, and Android App, and the management of all three platforms is through a single CRM – once you update your mobile site, mobile Web and Apps are automatically updated. One to two years ago, there was a performance advantage of native Apps over Mobile Web Sites, but that differentiation has largely disappeared.
  • Who can use it?
    Anyone can use our mobile marketing service for music artists. It's free to the fan and most of our services, including our mobile marketing service and standard mobile web sites, are free to the band. (In fact you might even make some money!)
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer a free version of our mobile marketing service and Mobile Web Sites. Artists pay nothing for the service. We also offer Apps for a fee, and custom designs (instead of the standard templates) for reasonable cost. Fans need to be able to text message and have the Internet on their mobile phones, and the cell phone companies charge for message and data plans, but that's it. Fans are probably already paying for message and data plans.
  • Why use Adva Mobile?
    Of course, you know you need a mobile strategy – mobile is where your fans are. Your fans want to hear from you and you can reach them on their mobile phones. Their mobile phones are with them all the time and they're excited to hear from you about new gigs, tour dates, updates on the band activities, and new free content you may want to offer them. You have a web presence – but no mobile presence – until now!
  • Who is Adva Mobile?
    We are a software company in the Boston area started to help music artists create closer relations with their fans through new services available on mobile phones, including text messaging, QR Codes, mobile webpages, Apps and mobile content downloaded right to your cell phone.
  • In which countries is the service available?
    Right now, the text service we offer only works in the United States. Your mobile site and all its features, Apps, QR codes, etc. will work everywhere fans have access to the Internet. Regarding our very popular SMS Text feature: we expected to expand quickly to the rest of the world.
  • What about privacy?
    Adva Mobile has a comprehensive privacy policy intended to protect your privacy and the privacy of your fans. We will never sell or otherwise provide lists of personal information about bands or fans to anyone. We do collect information about your fans, and allow you to use that information to establish a close personal connection with them. There are rules you have to follow to do this, set by the wireless carriers and the Mobile Marketing Association, but we manage that for you. On a non-individual basis, we use fan information to provide them relevant advertising on your mobile webpages (if you’re using our free service). You can read our complete privacy policy at Privacy.
  • How does the service work?
    ForArtist Customers, our service provides a CRM platform at where you can register and create a keyword (usually your band name), use our shortcode 444999 and create mobile webpages that will provide fans with interesting information, recommendations, your tour schedule, free and for sale content, and engagement tools like exclusive content (for email and location data), contests, and voting campaigns. The site also lets you set up a schedule for sending regular text messages and App Alerts to the fans who have signed up for your mobile community. These text messages include links to your mobile webpages, which can (and should) be updated on a fairly regular basis, just as you update your Facebook, Reverbnation, MySpace and web pages.
  • What is a mobile internet page?
    A "mobile" internet page is a web page that was designed or optimized to be viewed on mobile phones. Your existing web page renders poorly on a mobile phone. Also, fans want to do different things when they engage you on a mobile phone than when they engage you on their desktop PC. We call this “snackable content”!
  • What’s a text message (SMS), Keyword & Shortcode?
    SMS is short for Short Message Service. If your phone supports SMS (almost everyone has text), you can send or receive short text messages (up to 160 characters in length) using your mobile phone. This is also known as "Text Messaging" or "SMS Texting".
    A keyword is the unique string of letters and/or numbers that you send within the body of a text message to a shortcode (such as 444999). Our keywords always begin with GET, unless you have and are paying for a "private" keyword. Your keyword will usually be your band name, unless it’s too long (no one wants to text getechoandthebunnymen.)
    A shortcode is a unique string of numbers, like a phone number, that identifies a provider of mobile services to mobile phone customers. The Adva Mobile shortcode is 444999. Fans can text your unique keyword to this shortcode to get a text back from you (through our service) that includes a link to your mobile site.
    To summarize: When you hear a promotion like: Text getlyasia to 444999 to join our Web Site, the shortcode is 444999 and the keyword is getlyasia.
  • How do I sign up for the service?
    You can start by going to and clicking on the GET STARTED NOW tab.
  • How do I get Started?
    The dashboard provides information to help you get started. Here’s a quick summary to set up your mobile web site – and this info will also display on your iPhone and Android Apps if you purchase those from us:
       - Upload a photo for your Home Page
       - Fill out the “Band” info to tell fans about you
       - Upload Content so fans can listen to, and download, your music
    That’s a good start. Now you have a site that is useable. But, you want a site that ROCKS! Here’s what to do next:
       - Upload more content – pictures, videos, more music
       - Publish your tour Schedule
       - Add merch and music to your mobile store
       - Add info to your news page
  • Can I start promoting? How?
    You'll need to build up your mobile community in order to connect with them. Be sure to shout out at the concerts to get your fans to sign up right at the show. Watch the shoutout movie on our web site. Every time, in print, listings, posters etc. you should promote use your keyword and short code to help get the word out.
  • How do I create mobile web pages?
    You build and create new pages using our mobile webpage creation tool, from the Dashboard.
  • Can I sell music or merchandise using this service?
    Yes you can! We have an easy and secure way for your fans to purchase and pay for your merchandise with our integration to PayPal. All you need to do is setup your items for sale on the artist portal.
  • What about DRM, licensing, sharing etc.?
    We are not managing DRM for you so we presume that the content you're offering, either for free or for sale, to your fans is DRM managed or free and okay to pass around. In addition to your own Storefront, you can also link to the services that offer your content for sale, like iTunes, Amazon or Topspin.
  • What kind of content will my fans like?
    Your fans are interested in everything about you. Of course, they want your music, but short videos -- everything from goofing off in the studio to small interviews - is especially interesting to your fans. Pictures, wallpapers, links to YouTube - be creative, they will reward you with loyalty.
  • How often should I create campaigns?
    Fans tell us it's okay to contact them every 2 to 4 weeks with new news. However, if you got some late-breaking news, they're anxious to hear about it right away so don't hesitate to send out a text blast with news, shows, songs, and your multimillion dollar record deal announcement.
  • How can I make money?
    The Adva Mobile Storefront is a complete mobile digital and physical store for you to sell to your fans. While we can deliver digital good, you have the fulfillment responsibilities for physical merchandise.
  • How do I get paid?
    We use PayPal – if you have a PayPal Account, the funds are transferred to you within an hour of the transaction.
  • Do I have to be 18 to sign up?
    No! But you do have to be at least 18 years old to do a financial transaction. You have to be 13 years or older to have an account with us.
  • • What reports are available to me?
    We have a very comprehensive report generation system telling you everything you need to know about the growth of your mobile community.
  • Do the fan phone numbers I acquire belong to me?
    Yes. Our Privacy Policy, with which you agree, describes how you can use personal information of fans, but the numbers you acquire are yours and we will not message your fans except on your behalf.


  • Who is Adva Mobile?
    We are a software company in the Boston area started to help music artists create closer relations with their fans through new services available on mobile phones, including text messaging, mobile webpages, Apps and mobile content downloaded right to your cell phone.
  • What is the fan experience?
    This is a great experience for the fan. Fans text their favorite bands keyword to our short code 444999 and get a text message back from the band with a link to the band’s mobile website. From there, you can explore information about the band, download free stuff from the band, and share it with your friends. You'll be asked if you want to join the club and if you do, you get a text message every 2 to 4 weeks from the band. The text message has a link to their mobile web site with updates and new information. Apps perform just like the mobile site and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.
  • What does it cost me?
    The service is free to use from Adva. You will need to have a data plan to access the mobile Internet and also be able to text message from your phone. Typically, these services are charges from your wireless operator. You may already be subscribed to these services.
  • How does the service work?
    For fans, the service lets you text to the band and receive text messages back that include links to mobile webpages. Or, if the band has an App, you might get alerts from the band. Once you’re on the Mobile site or App, you can download content and explore information about the band, whatever the band chooses to share. If you sign up for the mobile Web Site, you may get a text message every 2 to 4 weeks with new information, show dates, and content from the band.
  • Can I download content (movies, tracks, images) to my phone?
    Yes you can! In addition to music, fans tell us they are especially interested in short video clips and other pieces of snackable content like pictures, wallpaper, and ringtones. Some wireless operators do not allow you to download content to your phone. Sorry about that. You can only stream music to your iPhone, for example. We hope that will change someday too.
  • What phones are supported?
    Our service uses the mobile web, so it works with virtually every phone that can access the mobile web. You don't have to install a special application on your phone to use our service (unless you have a smartphone and download the Artist App).
  • Which carriers are supported?
    We support most of the major USA carriers including Alltel, AT&T Mobility, Boost Mobile, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile.
  • Do I need a special plan?
    Your wireless plan has to allow you to text message and also give you access to the Internet. Otherwise, there's nothing special about your plan to use our service.
  • How can I try the service?
    You can try the service by texting your favorite bands keyword to our short code 444999. For example, text "getlyasia" to 444999. If your favorite bands do not yet have an Adva Mobile keyword, tell them on their Facebook or Twitter pages to sign up with us.
  • I keep getting an error message. What’s wrong?
    You need to have a monthly plan with your wireless phone company that allows text messaging and a data plan so that you can browse the mobile web. If you don't have these, you'll get an error message. Otherwise, maybe there's something wrong with our service, so let us know right away!
  • How can I join a band Web Site?
    Most likely you will start by texting the band keyword to 444999. We may need to send you a second text asking you to join because the rules for mobile messages require you to opt into these kinds of messaging programs. Then, once you're a member, you may get a message from your favorite bands every 2 to 4 weeks.
  • What about privacy?
    Adva Mobile has a comprehensive privacy policy intended to protect your privacy. The Artists that you opt in to have access to your mobile phone number and other information that you voluntarily provide to them, but they are required to safeguard your privacy and a violation of this privacy is a violation of the terms between Artists and Adva Mobile. We will never sell or otherwise provide lists of personal information about bands or fans to anyone. We do collect information about you, including personally identifiable information. On a non-individual basis, we use that information to provide you with relevant advertising on Artists mobile webpages. You can read our complete privacy policy at Privacy.
  • What if I have questions?
    You can text "HELP" to our short code 444999, e-mail us at, call us at 1-877-752-5116, or try to find answers through this FAQ page.
  • What if I have more questions?
    We could meet you face to face at a local Starbucks in the west of Boston suburbs (HAHA).
  • How can I leave a band Web Site?
    It's simple. Text your band name and STOP to 444999.
  • How can I leave all Web Sites I signed up for?
    Also simple. Text STOP to 444999.
  • How can I download content (music, images etc.) to my phone?
    When a music artist offers content for you to download, typically this will be a link that allows you to just download the music. Today, on the iPhone , you can download the music and stream it but you can't save it to your phone if you downloaded over the air. You have to download it to iTunes on your PC and then sideload it to your phone. Also, some wireless operators do not allow you to download free content for your phone. So you have to download to your PC and then sideload it.
  • What if an error occurred?
    If something went wrong, you can e-mail us and we will send it to you in an e-mail.
  • Can I send comments, content or anything else to my band?
    Al the Artist sites have links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Soon we will have a service where you can send them a message from the mobile site / App that also posts to your Facebook / Twitter account.
  • Do I have to be 18 to sign up?
    No! But you do have to be at least 18 years old to do a financial transaction.
  • Does the Artist know my phone number?
    Yes, we collect it on their behalf when you text in to 444999. For some other services we offer, they may also ask for it. And, they may have collected it separately from Adva Mobile (through a sign up sheet, for example.) The Artists agree to strict Privacy controls regarding the use of your phone number.and other identifying information. Our Privacy Policy, with which they and you agree, describes how they can use personal information of fans.